In Emaar Group the trading is a basic economic concept involving the buying and selling of goods and services, with compensation paid by a buyer to a seller, or the exchange of goods or services between parties. Trade can take place within an economy between producers and consumers.

Also, in Emaar Group trade allows to expand markets for both goods and services that otherwise may not have been available to it. It is the reason why an American consumer can pick between a Japanese, German, or American car. As a result of international trade, the market contains greater competition and therefore, more competitive prices, which brings a cheaper product home to the consumer.

1. Electricity Sector including:
• Circuit Breaker
• Relay
• Contactors
• Lighting
• Motors
• Fuses
• Substations, KIOSK,
• Transformers
• Switches
• Cables

2. Computers and office Appliance:
• Laptop and Desktop Computers (Different Brands)
• Printers, cartridges and components
• Fax machine
• Projectors
• Photocopy machine
• Paper shredder
• Digital Sender
• All types of office equipment

3. Electronic and telecommunication sector:
• Zain, Asia and Korek Mobile lines including SIM cards, according to Pre-paid cards system or monthly invoice system
• Pre-paid calling Cards for communication mobiles
• Mobile handsets (Cell phones from different brands like Motorola, Sony, Samsung…etc.)
• Sat. Phones (Thuraya and all its components), prepaid cards, SIM cards home and car base stations …etc.
• Battery & battery charger
• Nets & information
• Telecom cables
• Internet service system
• Pagers and Radio equipment (mainly Motorola and ICOM)

4. Energy Sector including the following divisions:
– Generators & Generating Stations
– Boiler
– Heat exchangers
– Tubes
– Turbines
– Batteries & Chargers
– Solar Cells & System

5. Construction & Rehabilitation Sector:
One of our main interests is the construction and rehabilitation of Buildings including electrical, mechanical and civil works (supplying and implementation) with very qualified and well experienced engineers.

6. Control Sector including:
– Instrumentation
– Gauges
– Meters
– Panels & boards

7. Mechanical works, water and Sewerage treatment plants and plumbing including:
• Valves
• Pipes& Fittings (like Ductile pipes, and PVC pipes and stainless steel pipes) in different sizes to be used for clear water and sewerage purposes,

• Pumps & pumping stations (like Alum dosing pumps, clear water pumps, sewerage and heavy liquid pumps,) and others Pumps that we supplied are of different types (vertical, Horizontal, submersible) and different sizes.
• Different types of machines & tools
• Tubes
• Compact water and sewerage Treatment Units different capacities and different origins,
• Reverse osmoses units with RO membrane. And filters and all components
• Water tanks, PVC, Steel, concrete
• Equipment and chemicals components for water and sewerage treatment plants


8. Home Appliances:
– Refrigerators
– Chest freezers
– Air coolers
– Air conditioning units (all sizes)
– Ovens & all Kitchen appliances)
– Washers and dryers & all laundry equipment
– Heater (electrical and oil radiator heaters)
– Water coolers
– Water heaters
– T.V and sat. Systems…etc.

9. Furniture:
• Sofas (office & Home)
• Low small square, and rectangular tables
• Dinning table and chairs
• Chairs (all types)
• Working desks (different sizes and models)
• Wall lockers & wardrobe
• Conference tables
• Shelf units
• Night tables and chest drawer dressers
• Credenzas
• Modular Cubical workstation furniture and partitions
• Bunk Beds, single bed & King size bed


10. Containers:
• Office containers
• Living Containers
• Cargo Containers



11. Rugs:
• Curtains
• Carpets
• Sheets and pillow cases
• Pillow and blankets
• Mattresses (sponge and spring)


12. Entertainment:
– Pool table
– Duarte
– Tennis table
– Training equipment

13. Cooling Systems:
• Window type A/C units
• Split A/C units
• Package Split units’ floor standing
• Package A/C units with ducts
• Chillers & towers
• Swamp coolers
• Water Coolers

14. Lighting:
• Fluorescent lights different types and sizes
• Light poles
• Bulbs different types and sizes
• Halogen lights
• rechargeable light
• Tower lights with generator


15. Transportation sector:
The supply of (Buses, saloon Cars, Pick-up, station wagon, Cycles, boats, lorries, trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, truck tractors, cooled box trucks, ambulance cars…etc.). And our company ready to lease any type of the trucks and vehicles and for any time and if you want the trucks with drivers or without drivers so we can to provide.

16. Food and detergents:
– Food stuff
– Sugar
– Rice
– Oil
– Seeds
– Beans
– Detergent powders
– Soaps and detergent liquids

17. Medical Supplies and Equipment:
• All medical supplies, utensils and equipment

18. Other Services:
• Construction Equipment & Machinery with spare parts (i.e. wheel loaders, excavators, bulldozers, graders, asphalt finishers, rollers…etc.)
• Welding machinery & welding rods
• Concrete & asphalt batching plant & truck Mixer
• Different type of plants and projects
• Constructional laboratory Equipment
• Medical lab. & Testing Equipment’s, medicines and medical raw material
• Tires, Textiles & garments like uniforms and coveralls
• Fire extinguishing system, safety equipment & fire fighting vehicles
• Specialized trucks like (garbage collector, road sweepers, cranes, Fork lifts …etc.) with spare parts
• Constructional raw materials
• Educational Books, issuances and publishes


1. Supply and install many kinds of devices.
2. Constructs and Repair buildings.
3. Pave of courts, grounds and roads.
4. Supply and install water, electric and sewage nets.
5. Supply and lease many construction materials like cement, sand and bricks.
6. Supply all sizes of gravel.
7. Furniture, office supplies, computers and all accessories and all other supplies.
8. Electrical Materials
9. Power Cables
10.Weather Proof Light Fixtures
11. Starters
12. Electrical Motors
13. Electrical Fan
14. Fuses
15. Sensors
16. Electrical Gauge
17. Lamps
18. Control Valves
19. Thermocouples
20. Switch Gears
21. Generators
22. Ready Mix Concrete
23. Sand
24. Gravel
25. Rebar
26. Structural Steel
27. Woods / Lumber
28. Porta Cabins
29. Porta Toilets
30. Instrumentation Services
31. Building Construction Services
32. Internet & Telecommunication Services
.33. Scanner and printer and ink (black or white or colors)
34. Wooden materials and materials.
35. Casting Material
36. Cement, sand, dirt and Gravel
37. Televisions, computers, air conditioners, telephone and cabinets.
38. Medical equipment.
39. Electrical materials.
40. Water materials
41. Construction and installation.
42. Government offices and personal.43. High experiences in repairing and construction buildings.
44. Erecting chain link B.R.C.
45. Many types of vehicles.
46. Water materials and installation.
47. Verity of offices and other places by electronic devices such as: computers, calculators’ heaters, oil heaters, electrical circuits.
48. Generators and Devices of generating power
49. Materials of housing supply.
50. All materials of wooden materials and materials
51. Modification and paving streets.
52. Electrical engineering works (design, connection, supply & maintenance).
53. Mechanical engineering (all related function & maintenance).3
54. Air-conditioning (supply, installation & after sales maintenance).
55. Modification and paving streets
56. Bunk beds and Mattresses and Office desk
57. enerators and devices of generating power
58. Auto Maintenance Services
59. Food Services
60. Electro Mechanic Services
61. Laundry & Cleaning Services
62. Hotel Services
63. Mechanical Maintenance Services
64. Manpower Services
65. Engineering Services
66. Buildings and repair buildings and deliver all supplies.
67. Office furniture.
68. Computers and all accessories.
69. ipes, connectors… etc.
70. Cars, vehicles, trucks and all other equipment.
71. lectric devices like TV, Telephones (and all accessories), DVD, CD Refrigerators, Washing machines, …
72. Barriers
73. any kinds of devices.
74. Constructs and Repair buildings.
75. Pave of courts, grounds and roads.
76. Water, electric and sewage nets.
77. Lease many construction materials like cement, sand and bricks.
78. All sizes of gravel.
79. Lease vehicles, Equipments and trucks.
80. Water tank by all sizes
81- Gasoline and gas tanks
81. Agriculture materials and urea material.
82. Constructions
83. Repair buildings.
84. Construct new buildings include electric net, water net and all other services.
85. Wooden jobs.
86. Ready Mix Concrete
87. Sand
88. Gravel
89. Rebar’s
90. Structural Steel
91. Woods / Lumber
92. Porta Cabins
93. Porta Toilets
94. Light Vehicles
95. Heavy Vehicles
96. Earth Moving Equipment’s
97. Welding Machines
98. Forklift
99. Trucks / Pickups
100. Lifting Equipment’s
101. Tankers
102. Armored Vehicles
103. Trailers
104. SUV’s
105. Sedan
106. Office Supplies
107. Computer Parts
108. Computer Accessories
109. Mobile Equipment
110. Office Equipment
111. Office Furniture’s
112. Medical Equipment
113. Fire & Safety Supplies
114. Medical Supplies
115. Fire & Safety Equipment
116. Hand Tools
117. Chemicals
118. Office furniture
119. Computers and all accessories.
120. Pipes, connectors… etc.

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